Today, 36% of employees in Switzerland
are affected by conflicts at work.

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Why is the Trusted Person useful within a company?

Any Swiss company that employs employees is now required to implement a prevention mecanism for psychosocial risks and conflicts, such as the Trusted Person. The Federal Court rendered a judgment in May 2012 which specifies the contours of this role.

The “Trusted Person” acts completely independently from the Management of the company, the Human Resources and Legal departments and in addition is subject to professional secrecy.

The main role a “Trusted Person” is a "watching brief" for the Company, to prevent the risk of conflicts and to ensure a healthy work life balance for all.

The role of a Trusted Person

Helping companies to promote and develop well-being at work

Enhancing commitment and job performance

Preventing and managing conflicts effectively and fairly for both parties


What are the advantages that a
Trusted Person can bring to your company ?


Collaborating with a “Trusted Person” in your company will ensure a better employee presence. Absenteeism will then be greatly reduced.


Providing access to a “Trusted Person” will increase corporate loyalty.


Promoting a healthy and pleasant work environment will contribute to improve global performance in every business sector.


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" : an intelligently managed conflict will bring more serenity in the workplace.

Interested in setting up a Trusted Person role ?


A range of flexible solutions that not only meet, but also exceed the legal and statutory requirements of Companies based in Switzerland to improve their performance and the well-being of all their employees.

Consulting and resolution of workplace conflicts

Bring a different approach to companies. Anticipate and manage conflicts in an efficient and satisfactory manner for all parties.

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A trusted person in your company.

Unlock situations, evaluate the needs and interests of each party, propose creative and beneficial solutions, to promote and enhance well-being at work.

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Consulting and resource management support

I draw on my considerable personal experience as an HR Director to help companies to better direct their efforts, energy and work-life stratégies.

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Sophie Schindler

Founder of Essens Sàrl
with over 20 years experience in Human Resources

Born in Geneva to Swiss parents, I studied law at the local University.

I have always been passionate about human beings whom I have put at the very center of my professional life. I have worked as an HR Director for more than 20 years in Finance, Telecommunications and Oil and Gas exploration.

I specifically assisted with several creations, mergers & acquisitions of companies, as well as many organizational and structural changes at both regional and global levels.

In addition I also worked at the Labour Court in Geneva as a qualified judge and became President in 2010.

Trained in mediation since 2013, I am certified 'Trusted Person' , A training organized by the Swiss Association of Trusted Persons in industry that appears on the SECO website. I also collaborate with a romand Prison Service and the psychological unit of the Geneva police and am certified Master learning.

This rich and varied experience in multicultural and demanding environments, has enabled me to develop a range of unique skills, as well as first class international and local networks.

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Essens Sàrl

Sophie Schindler
Consulting in Human Resources

14, chemin Paul-Henri-Mallet
1231 Conches

T : +41 22 789 00 08


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