Introducing a different approach
anticipating and managing conflicts
in an efficient and satisfactory manner for all concerned .

« Better the peace than the expected victory »

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What are the reasons and the consequences of a conflict within companies based in Switzerland ?
36 %

of workers are worried about psychological risks

1370 CHF

Annual cost per employee

30 %

Average drop in productivity

There are many and varied possible reasons for conflict. When left unresolved, they systematically lead to bad stress which can generate even more disastrous consequences for the company, its employees and eventually its clients.

Learn how to indentify the conflict before it is too late !

Difficult relationships between or amongst co-workers or with a manager

Performance at work problem

Changes in personal life impacting on the professional environment

A conflict arising from generational differences

how to prevent and manage conflicts risk ?

a long term vision

My aim is to provide a different approach to all participants, both on conflict prevention and management, beyond all the regulatory and legal requirements, while restoring the circle of “commitment and performance”, as a way of visualising a different future.

It is paramount to reposition the human being at the heart of the company. My approach is to engage the employee in a neutral and non-judgmental dialogue so that he or she can reinvent his or her workplace and turn it into an environment of personal accomplishment, discovery, and pleasure.

By creating the necessary conditions to give real meaning and value to even the most routine tasks, this approach concentrates primarily on how to capitalize on differences and how to develop the individual potential of each and every employee, by focusing more on experience than on the ultimate objective.

This will help everybody to maintain and re-establish wellbeing within a respectful, secure and resilient climate, and will help to efficiently develop and improve every single employee. Motivation, loyalty, the quality of work produced will all be improved, this will generate considerable savings for the company and provide a better brand image.

a 6 steps implementation

1 Identification of the framework
and requirements

2 Understanding of the environment and preliminary analysis of risks

3 Recommendations and follow-up of implementation

4 Sensibilization sessions for employees and dedicated training for managers

5 Hotline implementation for all the employees

6 Regular updates and anonymous reporting to Senior Management


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